About This Site

This is an open-source unofficial website of the board game Ark Nova. It is not affiliated with Capstone Games in any way. This project gets inspiration from ssimeonoff's website and for players to easily search for cards and their effects. The initial data for this site is sourced from Cillie's List of animal cards, while the icons and styles were borrowed from BGA. If there are any copyright concerns, I will address them.


Currently, this site has the following features:

  • All animal and sponsor cards in base game and Marine World expansion
  • Multi-language support
  • Filters for tags, requirements, keywords and so on
  • Animal value calculation
  • Rating and comments for each card

Future Plans

In the future, I plan to add the following features:

  • Animal Card Maker
  • Maps
  • All other cards


Thanks for the following players for helping with translation: 小z, 晓慜, Yannick.